Helpful items

Hello again!

Just thought I would share items that have been helpful in reaching my goals. Please view the images (sorry I’m not a professional photographer).

Again, I am not paid to sponsor any product. This is just me showing you what I use.

Food scale measures grams, ounces, fluid ounces. MCT supplement medium chain triglycerides giving brain, muscle, & tissue source of energy helping keto production. Keto chicken bone broth sticks or bulk powder for collagen and amino acids that helps in retaining lean muscle and has electrolytes to prevent keto flu. Carb Manager is the app I use to log my food (thanks to my sister). I am sure there are other apps that fit keto needs. This one is free unless you upgrade to premium. Be sure it calculates NET carbs, fiber, Macros (fats,proteins,calories), and diabetic factors if needed. Before I found CM I used my fitness pal because it adjusted for exercise, including steps logged from the iPhone health app. But it didn’t calculate Net Carbs which is essential.

Hope you find this helpful. I encourage you to research it to meet your own needs.

Until next time!

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