By the Numbers – Part One

Hello there!

If you are wondering how you “make your numbers” on keto, I have a few thoughts that work for me.

First, you can read all about how to calculate where you are now and which numbers should be your goals (more on that later). Let’s talk basics right now. TOTAL Carbs is the number that I read on everything I buy from the grocery store. But what is meaningful is the NET Carbs.

NET Carbs = Total Carbs minus fiber and minus sugar alcohols. (All measured in grams.)

For example, a Mission whole wheat tortilla might be 19 total carbs but 4 Net carbs because it has 15 g of fiber. So this is a keto-friendly food. Another example, Smokehouse almonds 5 total carbs, 3 fiber. So 2 net carbs. Easy, right?

Now let’s be aware of fiber and sugar alcohols. If you notice on especially candy, chocolates, or other sweets, any that read “sugar free,” be mindful of what that means. Erythritol, Stevia, monk fruit, malitol, and xylitol are a few non-sugar sweeteners that affect your progress. I encourage you to know which affect your blood sugar, digestion (some folks get gassy on some sugar alcohols causing upset tummies), and which ones work for you. For example, Russell Stover’s sugar free peanut butter crunch (1 serving is 2 pieces) has 19 total carbs, 18 sugar alcohols, less than 1 fiber, so 1 net carb and 110 calories… maybe an option for a sweet tooth moment?

Fiber grams are a factor especially with veggies. For example, raw celery with 3 total carbs, 1 dietary fiber, so 2 net carbs.

My eyes are now trained to read the nutrition facts on every package. You will too! Check that the numbers match your carb app. I have found a few mistakes from folks that made custom entries.

Be well. Stay safe. Please comment if you have questions or would like to discuss a particular topic.

Until next time.

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