You only live once, so why not be the healthiest you and experience life to the fullest. Try new things. Start doing the items on your bucket list before retirement age. Avoid the saying, “I wish I had done that sooner.”

Cut the social network cord now and then and kick FOMO out the door. Our lives can take a pause from checking our online media presence. You might even enjoy an occasional disconnect. What did we do without it thirty years ago?

A large part of healthy life choices includes treating our bodies with good nutrition and exercise. The old adage Garbage In – Garbage Out applies here just as it originally applied to computer data. Help your body be its best with good nutrition and frequent exercise going in and see the rewards as good outcomes.

Lastly let’s end with a KISS. A gentle reminder to Keep It Simple, Stupid. our lives have a vibe that hums with it’s own rhythm. It is simple and fits in the universe in it’s own way. Making things complicated can be like swimming upstream. At the end of the day, just keep it simple, yeah?

Until next time!


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