Proof of healthy choices

How are you feeling? More energy? Motivated? Sleeping better? Looking forward to the day? Less tired? More organized? Improved skin? How is your attention and mental clarity?

These questions are answered with honest reflection as we start noticing results of healthy choices with our nutrition, exercise, and overall general well-being.

As progress continues, and answering these questions affirms that your healthier choices are improving your overall health and self esteem. HOLD ON TO THAT. You CAN help yourself and it DOES make a difference.

If you need more proof there are simple things you can do to measure progress in an objective and quantifiable way. First, consult your healthcare provider about blood tests for a regular physical check-up. Alternatively, you can pay for lab tests out-of-pocket at a number of screening test labs in your area without a physician’s order.

Start with blood pressure. One can often expect BP improving after weight loss. Blood pressure machines for home use are widely available. Check your local pharmacy as well. CVS, Rite-Aid, Walmart, and Walgreens often have public machines for customers use.

I have a strong family history of type 2 diabetes, and my blood results are now within normal limits. (No diabetes.). Prior to weight loss I always had borderline and pre-diabetes results. Since the teenage years I have been anemic but now my blood count is normal despite being a pescatarian. Thyroid and cholesterol are also within normal limits.

For me, comparing results is what I need to show myself that I am taking the necessary steps to a healthier lifestyle for myself and my children. A thyroid panel, comprehensive metabolic panel, complete blood count with differential, and lipid panel is a basic place to start.

Discuss with your trusted health professional and decide how you might keep track and confirm your healthy progress.

Comments are welcome.

Until next time!

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